Partners In Health

Links to other outstanding professionals I work with.

ALTERNATIVES: A Center For Conscious Health
Patricia Ryan, M.D., C.C.N.
11036 Oak Street, Rockbrook Village
Omaha, Ne 68144

At ALTERNATIVES, we offer functional medicine backed by science.  Our holistic approach to healing attempts to address the deeper issues underlying the symptoms you are experiencing - rather than masking the symptoms with drugs. Our services include:

  anti-aging medicine vitamins and supplements
  bio-identical hormones thermography
  detoxification protocols breast exams
  neurotherapy infrared sauna
  holistic nutrition organic/chemical free skin care


Natural HealthCenter PC
Dr. Shawn Schmidt
8001 Chicago
Omaha, Ne 68114

Natural Health Center:
Care the way it is supposed to be - person to person.

Our clinic uses a wide variety of modalities to help our patients regain their optimal health.  From traditional

chiropractic care to more advanced Biomeridan testing and acupuncture.  From nutritional consulting to our ongoing Health in the 21st Century programs -  we strive to assist our patients along the journey to wellness.